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Camp Daybreak 2016


Camp Daybreak 2016 will be held from Sunday August 7th through Sunday August 14th at Camp Thorpe.

Volunteers will arrive for training on the 7th with campers joining us the following day. Visit our applications page to complete our online volunteer application.


Compliment Campaign


Camp Daybreak is trying something new to make people smile and contribute to mental health.

Post a video, status update, picture, etc to your preferred social media platform and compliment three of your friends. They will then compliment three friends, and so on and so on. Click "Read More" to learn more.


Camp Thorpe: Our Partner

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Learn more about Camp Thorpe's celebrated history of serving kids and adults with a range of physical and developmental needs and their relationship with The Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery.


Camp Daybreak is a residential program of the Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery that supports young Vermonters ages 8-11 with a range of social, emotional, and behavioral needs as well as mental health conditions through a residential camp experience. We do this by pairing each camper with a high school or college aged volunteer.

It is this relationship between the campers and their Big Siblings that makes Camp Daybreak so powerful for all who attend.

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